Private Swim Instructor

private swim instructorMany schools and private swim instructors have good lesson plans. Of course you do need a great lesson plan and good ways to teach, but when it comes down to it your child is going to work with a certain person. So you do have to put your child in lessons and try to keep them with the actual instructor so that they have trust in an instructor.

Participating in private swim lessons can help a child tremendously. Children have a lot of one on one time and get more repetition when being taught by a private instructor. It also gives the parent a chance to have there child learn in there own backyard and or in a smaller less busy environment. Most children tend to learn quicker when being taught privately because they can get a lot more swimming done in a short period of time, and we all know parents that children can pick up things extremely fast. If you have your child going 2 to 3 times a week your child will learn, with the right instructor, in a months time.

Personally with the right instruction and a good amount of repetition I know that a child can learn how to swim in a 4 weeks time. I like to put a time limit because it pushes the instructor to crack a child and get them swimming no matter what. Of course not every single child learns in that amount of time, some children take a little longer than others but the majority of the children I have taught I have had them basic swimming in 4 weeks or less. There are children that have had very bad experiences with the water and it takes them a while to even trust themselves more then the instructor. So with those children its better not to push them straight away until they are use to the water again, and that is when more time and repetition is needed than the average child in swimming lessons.

On another note private lessons are good for a child that may not listen in a group setting to well. Again this gives the child more one on one time so there is not really anytime for messing around. If a child does get off track there is time to talk and set them back to swimming. For instance a child is jumping around not staying on the wall of the pool, a private instructor is able to focus on them and make sure they use the child’s energy to keep a lesson going and not have to worry about teaching another child. Private swimming lessons are a little more expensive but they do have a lot of perks and you do end up getting your money’s worth.

I myself do offer private swimming lessons and I am more of PRIVATE SWIM INSTRUCTOR. I have currently moved back to Australia and am located in New South Wales. I do offer lessons to adults, teens, children and babies. Contact me via email for more information.