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Parents Guide to a relaxed Swim Lesson

1. Try to arrive a bit early talking positive with your child, that way you will not have to rush to put them in the water. Especially if the swim experience is new.

Your child will feel calm and ready and lessons will be more successful.

2. If possible dress your child at home so they are comfortable in swim wear.

3. Arriving early will also allow you and your child to get use to the surroundings of a child filled aquatic center. You may need to get use to it. LOL

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The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) was against swim lessons for babies.

They feared that swimming lessons before the age of 4 would give the child & parent a false sense of security in the water.

Say what? Sorry, but does that sound a little off to you? Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t children soak up the most learning from birth to the age of 5.

So what could possibly be “WRONG” with a baby learning how to save it’s own life.

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Of course jumping, splashing, diving and sitting in the pool is fun & nice, but unfortunately you can get sick from spending time in the pool.

All pools are made up of chemicals & water otherwise we wouldn’t have very nice pools.

Without putting you through a CPO class I would like to remind swimmers to be careful.

Try to swim after pool cleaning times

Be sure to rinse your body after swimming in the pool

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When you turn on the sports channel and there is a swimming meet going, do you ever see any black swimmers?

Now mind you I am a swimmer that happens to be black so I am really writing this article and laughing.

It’s not that black people cant swim they just don’t have the community back up.

Most sports based in an ethnic community are based on masculinity and are backed by the majority of the community.

Not all but most predominantly black or minority communities do not have lifetime coaching, the freedom to commit their lives to the sport, financial support or the access to a training facilities to be able to swim at a competitive level.

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It never looks good when you or your child has done a good days swimming and you look at your eyes and they are blood shot red.  The dreaded swimmers eye irritation.

Although it never really last too long for most people, it can also be an annoying irritation.

Most eye irritation is caused by high level chloramine levels in the pool.

Avoiding chemicals in the pool is impossible being that the pool does need chemicals to stay a pool.

Swimmers eye is not permanent it is just a short irritation. It can cause blurred vision, itchy eye, red eye and tearing from the eye.

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